Newsletters and Letters


 Each week we produce a weekly newsletter for parents.  You can access all of this year's newsletters below.

September 2018 Week 1 Newsletter

September 2018 Week 2 Newsletter 

September 2018 Week 3 Newsletter 

September 2018 Week 4 Newsletter

October 2018 Week 5 Newsletter

October 2018 Week 6 Newsletter

October 2018 Week 7 Newsletter

November 2018 Week 8 Newsletter

 November 2018 Week 9 Newsletter

November 2018 Week 10 Newsletter

 November 2018 Week 11 Newsletter

December 2018 Week 12 Newsletter

December 2018 Week 13 Newsletter


Here are most of the general letters we send out to parents informing them about trips, events and important information.

Year 5 & Year 6 Permission to Walk Home Alone

General Attendance Letter

Reception Teacher Clarification

The BIG Breakfast

6Blue Trip to Travers Smith

6Red Trip to Travers Smith

Globetown Choir Trip

6Red trip to Kings College

Nursery Parents Reading Session

Nursery Parent Reading Session

Year 4/5/6 Author Visit - Stewart Henderson


These are our regular updates about all the learning that has been happening across the school.  Have a look, there is a lot going on!