Music & Art

We believe that the Arts are extremely important in giving children the opportunity to express themselves and develop interest and talents in non-academic subjects.  For this reason a large proportion of our curriculum budget is spent on Music and Art. 


We employ two music teachers, one to teach weekly music lessons to the children in Nursery and Reception and another who teaches a weekly music lesson to children in Year 1 to Year 6.  The Music National Curriculum is taught to children during these sessions. 

In addition to this, children have weekly instrument lessons starting in Year 1 where they play African drums, which continues in Year 2. In Year 3 all children start to learn to play the recorder which they continue to develop in Year 4.  They can then continue this in smaller groups in Year 5.  Once children are in Year 5 they have the opportunity to learn to play the guitar. Children regularly perform at concerts in and outside of school.  

In addition to this there is a local school community choir called Globetown Voices (based at Morpeth Secondary School), which children can join from Year 4 onward. We also have a weekly whole school music assembly which is a joy to take part in!  These lessons, clubs and groups are all taught by qualified and talented musicians rather than class teachers.  The highlight of the year is our annual Summer Music Festival where everyone performs to the entire school community.      


At Bangabandhu, we encourage children to enjoy and express themselves in Art whilst developing the capacity for imaginative and original thought.  Children are taught technical and creative skills and are given the opportunity to work with a wide variety of appropriate media both in two and three-dimensional form.  

Children learn to evaluate their own work and that of others.  Throughout the school they develop the ability to value the contribution made by artists, artisans and designers. During all phases the children develop their skills in different art techniques and work with a wide selection of media.  Their ideas are generated by a variety of stimuli and include both observational and imaginative work.  The children are encouraged to look at Art in different environments and study the work of artists from past to present. We encourage our children to think freely and be as expressive as they like in their art work.  

We try to give the children as much opportunity and experience as possible.  All year groups have regular opportunities to visit galleries, museums and other venues for maximum exposure to as varied a range of art and craft work as possible.  

We employ a specialist art teacher from Bow Arts to teach weekly Art lessons to all in Year 1 to Year 6. 

We also run an Art Club as part of our after-school club programme.