Celebration of Learning, Achievement, Effort and Attitude

Learning Stars

A Learning Star award is given to children who stand out each week due to exceptional commitment to their learning. This can be for many different reasons; an excellent piece of work; understanding something tricky; kindness and lots more. Each class has one Bangabandhu Learning Star every week who receives a special Bangabandhu Learning Star certificate in assembly as well as everyone getting to read about their achievement in our weekly school newsletter.

Young Writers

The Bangabandhu Young Writers award is a recognition award to showcase and celebrate children's writing at Bangabandhu. Once a term, from every class, one piece of writing is selected showcasing a child's ability to write well using different skills and features. Progress and effort in writing is always recognised. Their writing is proudly displayed in school for everyone to read and admire. They also receive a Young Writer medal to wear with pride.

Accelerated Reader Word Millionaires

The Accelerated Reader Word Millionaire Club is an award given to children who have read over 1,000,000 words throughout the academic year and successfully completed online quizzes. Who wouldn’t want to become a ‘millionaire’ and join this exclusive club? Word Millionaires choose a set of books for their home library which means they can keep on reading.

Accelerated Reader 100% Club

As well as celebrating when children achieve Word Millionaire status, we feel it is also important to celebrate Accelerated Reader quiz successes. When a child has scored 100% on 5 or more quizzes, they become members of this special club and join the half termly raffle for a book token.

Employee of the Month

As many of our children have pupil responsibility roles, it is important to celebrate their commitment and dedication. Although we feel that every child in our school strives to make Bangabandhu a better place for all, each month adults will nominate children for their exceptional service to the school. Check out the display board outside the Headteacher’s office where all our Employees of the Month are to be seen. You can read why they were nominated.

Class Attendance VIP Lunch Winners

As excellent school attendance shows a positive attitude to learning and enjoyment of school, we feel that children should have the opportunity to celebrate their success by having a whole class VIP lunch. This happens for the class with the best attendance each half term. A special lunch for some special people.

Half Term Holiday Home Learning Project Winners

Holiday Home Learning Projects are a chance for families to get creative together. Each half term, children are encouraged to complete a holiday home learning task on a given topic. There are winners chosen from each class as well as an overall winner. We always see such creative projects and parents and children really enjoy this opportunity to work on something creative together. We display the projects in our entrance area for everyone to admire and be inspired by.

'Must Reads' Awards/Gold

At Bangabandhu, we are committed to ensuring the children get the chance to read, or be read to, a wide range of the best books that have been written for children. These books have been chosen to widen the children's reading and extend their understanding of language. Once a child has read all of their year group’s Must Reads books, they are awarded the special Gold Must Read Award Bronze and silver achievement is also recognised too.

Pen Licence

A pen licence is a formal acknowledgement a child receives from his or her teacher, once their handwriting is recognised to be of a good standard. Achieving a pen licence is an exciting time and grants children permission to use a pen instead of a pencil when writing in class.