Celebration of Learning, Achievement, Effort and Attitude

At Bangabandhu we give out lots of awards to children who stand out due to exceptional commitment to their learning and contribution to the school. This can be for many different reasons; an excellent piece of work; great effort; a positive attitude and lots more. The children receive certificates and prizes in assembly as well as everyone getting to read about their achievement in our weekly school newsletter.



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2023 End of Year Awards

Historian of the Year 2023

Geographers of the Year 2023

Musicians of the Year 2023

Theologians of the Year

Designers of the Year 2023

Artists of the Year 2023

Scientists of the Year 2023

 Computer Scientists of the Year 2023

Sports People of the Year 2023

Georges Seurat Class (Anwar), Donatello Class (Ahmed), Henri Rousseau Class (Ilma), Hoca Ali Riza Class (Aahil), Claude Monet Class (Umar), Salma Arastu Class (Aaban), Andy Warhol Class (Miraj)

 Readers of the Year 2023

Writers of the Year 2023

Mathematicians of the Year 2023

Employee of the Year 2023

Employee of the Year

 Personal Growth Award 2023

Personal Growth Award

Headteacher Award 2023

Headteachers' Award

Most Improved Attendance 2023

Most Improved Attendance Award


Learning Stars

A Learning Star award is given to children who stand out each week due to exceptional commitment to their learning. This can be for many different reasons; an excellent piece of work; understanding something tricky; kindness and lots more. Each class has one Bangabandhu Learning Star every week who receives a special Bangabandhu Learning Star certificate in assembly as well as everyone getting to read about their achievement in our weekly school newsletter.

Learning Stars 2022-23

Learning Stars 2022-23

Week 1 - Beginning 5th September

Week 2 - Beginning 12th September

 Week 3 - Beginning 19th September 2022

Week 4 - Beginning 26th September 2022

Week 5 - Beginning 3rd October 2022

Week 6 - Beginning 10th October 2022
Week 7 - Beginning 17th October 2022
Week 8 - Beginning 31st October 2022
Week 9 - Beginning 7th November 2022
Week 10 - Beginning 14th November 2022
Week 11 - Beginning 21st November 2022
Week 12 - Beginning 28th November 2022
Week 13 - Beginning 5th December 2022
Week 14 - Beginning 12th December 2022
Week 15 - Beginning 2nd January 2023
Week 16 - Beginning 9th January 2023
Week 17 - Beginning 16th January 2023
Week 18 - Beginning 23rd January 2023
Week 19 - Beginning 30th January 2023


Young Writers

The Bangabandhu Young Writers award is a recognition award to showcase and celebrate children's writing at Bangabandhu. Once a half term, from every class, one piece of writing is selected showcasing a child's ability to write well using different skills and features. Progress and effort in writing is always recognised. Their writing is proudly displayed in school for everyone to read and admire. They also receive a Young Writer medal to wear with pride.

Young Writers 2022-23


AUTUMN 1 2022
Class Young Writer

Jackson Pollack Class (Nursery)

Maira – for drawing her family.
Wassily Kandinsky Class (Reception) Maria – for practising letter formation and writing words.
Henri Matisse Class Muysar – For choosing to write letters and numbers most playtimes independently.
Diana-Al-Hadid Class (Year 1) Hisham – for using lots of your writing skills to re-tell a story.

Frida Kahlo Class (Year 1)

Adam – for using lots of story language to re-tell a familiar story.

William Morris Class (Year 2) Khazin – for writing a fantastic free verse poem. You used 2A sentences, personification and similes.
Georgia O’Keeffe Class (Year 2) Liyana – for writing a fantastic free verse poem. You used 2A sentences, personification and similes.

Georges Seurat Class (Year 3)

Dawud – you included lots of dialogue in your narrative and punctuated it with inverted commas.

Donatello Class (Year 4)

Abyad – you showed good understanding of characters and setting when sequencing a cultural story.

Henri Rousseau Class (Year 4)

Hasan – you showed excellent use of personification in poetry.
Hoca Ali Riza Class (Year 5) Mustaqim – for writing an adventurous chapter with your own beast, based on the story of Odysseus.  
Claude Monet Class (Year 5) Angela – for writing an excellent setting description based on the story of Odysseus.
Salma Arastu Class (Year 6) Sabiha – for writing an exciting alternate ending to Kensuke’s Kingdom.
Andy Warhol Class (Year 6) Arif – you always write in detail during science and always use the appropriate scientific vocabulary.
AUTUMN 2 2022
Class Young Writer
Jackson Pollack Class (Nursery) 
Khaira - for having a go at writing her name independently. 
Wassily Kandinsky Class (Reception) 
Shareena – for always showing an interest in writing.  
Henri Matisse Class Mithila – for trying really hard to form her letters during all writing sessions.  
Diana-Al-Hadid Class (Year 1) Alizah – for using new words in your recount of our trip to the Soane Centre.  
Frida Kahlo Class (Year 1) Puspita – for writing a great recount of our trip to the Soane Centre. 
William Morris Class (Year 2) Ali – For writing a very interesting cautionary tale. 
Georgia O’Keeffe Class (Year 2)

Elan – For writing a very interesting cautionary tale. 

Georges Seurat (Year 3) 

Aqsa – for writing a detailed chapter about Robin Hood’s adventures. It was exciting to read. 

Donatello Class (Year 4)

Nu’Aymah – for writing a diary entry from Gretel’s perspective, using dialogue,2A sentences, BOYS sentences and adverbial phrases. 
Henri Rousseau Class (Year 4) Effa – for using conjunctions to sequence the tale of Hansel and Gretel with great detail. 
Hoca Ali Riza Class (Year 5) Shakiba – for writing a detailed piece of writing on Sir Walter Raliegh and why he is a significant figure in British history. 
Claude Monet Class (Year 5) Atika – for writing dialogue between two characters from A Christmas Carol, which included imaginative vocabulary and the correct punctuation. 
Salma Arastu Class (Year 6) Asma – for writing a great diary entry and using emotive language. 
Andy Warhol Class (Year 6) Humaira – for using relative clauses to blend dialogue and action. 
Spring 1 2023
Class Young Writer
Jackson Pollack Class (Nursery) Faizahwriting her name independently and using different colour crayons to create a rainbow. 
Wassily Kandinsky Class (Reception) Sumayyah Ffor writing a great character description about the Gingerbread Man.  
Henri Matisse Class Ismaeel Hoguefor writing his name and drawing a clear picture independently. 😊
Diana-Al-Hadid Class (Year 1) Fatin for writing a really great retell of Wheres my Teddy? 
Frida Kahlo Class (Year 1) Ijaz for writing a great character description about Hoot Owl.
William Morris Class (Year 2) Isa for using powerful words and phrases to describe a setting.   
Georgia O’Keeffe Class (Year 2) Saara you are able to retell a story in the first person using conjunctions.  
Georges Seurat (Year 3) 
Afraa – for a really great retelling of the Stone Age boy but from another character's perspective. You used lots of 2A sentences and added speech. I really enjoyed reading your work! 
Donatello Class (Year 4) Tahmid you wrote an amazing story using 2A sentences,3ed sentences, similes and dialogue. I was so impressed by your creativity and imagination! Well done! You should be really proud! 
Henri Rousseau Class (Year 4) Mayeda you wrote a beautiful chapter about Morris Lessmore, using questions, statements and commands as part of our work on fantasy stories, an author in the making, fabulous job! 
Hoca Ali Riza Class (Year 5) Aleya you have been able to write golden sentences during your history lessons. 
Claude Monet Class (Year 5) Amelia for writing an informative account of what life was like for people in Bethnal Green during the Second World War. 
Salma Arastu Class (Year 6) Abaan – you wrote a very clear and well organised fact file on Mary Kingsley in history.  
Andy Warhol Class (Year 6) Salma – you have written a detailed explanation in history about Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. You always ensure that your information is accurate and well presented. 
Spring 2 2023
Class Young Writer
Jackson Pollack Class (Nursery) Khaira – for drawing her family and having a go at writing her name. 
Wassily Kandinsky Class (Reception) Hawafor an excellent recount about our recent trip to the farm. Keep it up! 
Henri Matisse Class Lisa for willingly making independent marks to express her thoughts.  
Diana-Al-Hadid Class (Year 1) Miqdaadfor using your imagination to write a great diary entry.  
Frida Kahlo Class (Year 1) Nishat – for writing an interesting letter in role of Floella.  
William Morris Class (Year 2) Ayela – for writing a set of instructions on how to make a disgusting sandwich.   
Georgia O’Keeffe Class (Year 2) Ikram for writing a story with a familiar setting using speech marks and 2A Sentences.  
Georges Seurat (Year 3) 

Ibrahim – for writing a lovely, heartfelt diary entry from the perspective of Fantastic Mr Fox.  

Donatello Class (Year 4)

Saredofor an excellent story from the perspective of Romulus, in the story of how Rome was named! I was especially impressed by the range of sentence types you used to interest the reader. Well done! 

Henri Rousseau Class (Year 4)

Aneeqa – for writing a fantastic diary entry on a Roman myth. 

Hoca Ali Riza Class (Year 5)

Safreen – for writing and drawing detailed explanations of how you hear pitch. 

Claude Monet Class (Year 5)

Hanifa for an informative piece of writing in geography on the Rio Grande. 

Salma Arastu Class (Year 6)

Tahreem – for using descriptive language and varied sentence types to create imagery and tension.  

Andy Warhol Class (Year 6)

Talha – for using descriptive language when writing a short story based on the animation Alma. It was very enjoyable to read. 

Summer 1 2023
Class Young Writer
Jackson Pollack Class (Nursery) Arfa – for doing observational drawings of eggs hatching and changes in caterpillars. 
Wassily Kandinsky Class (Reception) Sohifa – for writing an amazing get-well letter.  
Henri Matisse Class Sawdah for mark making recognisable letters independently.   
Diana-Al-Hadid Class (Year 1) Hafsa you used your own ideas to write an alternative ending to ‘Where the Wild Things Are. 
Frida Kahlo Class (Year 1) Kaylee – for using your own ideas for an alternative ending to a story.  
William Morris Class (Year 2) Noureen  for writing a fantastic adventure story.  
Georgia O’Keeffe Class (Year 2) Simrah – for writing a fantastic adventure story. 
Georges Seurat (Year 3)  Yusra – for writing in detail about the different ways Rome was governed during it’s rule. 
Donatello Class (Year 4) Suzhan a brilliant newspaper report, using a range of sentence types and the correct style, which is very tricky for this genre! Well done! 
Henri Rousseau Class (Year 4) Ayanahyou wrote a fantastic version of a purquoi ‘How the whale became’ using interesting dialogue and a good build up! 
Hoca Ali Riza Class (Year 5) Zahraa – you have written a detailed description about the three main river basins in South America. 
Claude Monet Class (Year 5) Ameera Some great creative writing based on our English text..The Arrival 
Salma Arastu Class (Year 6) Iqrafor using comparative conjunctions when comparing the explorations of Sir Walter Raleigh and Mary Kingsley 
Andy Warhol Class (Year 6) Tanzia  for you detailed explanation and research of the Evacuation of Dunkirk  

Accelerated Reader Word Millionaires

The Accelerated Reader Word Millionaire Club is an award given to children who have read over 1,000,000 words throughout the academic year and successfully completed online quizzes. Who wouldn’t want to become a ‘millionaire’ and join this exclusive club? Word Millionaires choose a set of books for their home library which means they can keep on reading.

Word Millionaires 2022-23



Class Winner





Accelerated Reader Word Kindillionaires

The Kindillionaire Club is for extraordinary readers who have read five million words. For their amazing effort they get their own Kindle reader!

Word Kindillionaires 2022-23 

Class Winner






Accelerated Reader 100% Club

As well as celebrating when children achieve Word Millionaire status, we feel it is also important to celebrate Accelerated Reader quiz successes. When a child has scored 100% on 5 or more quizzes, they become members of this special club and join the half termly raffle for a book token.


Employee of the Month

As many of our children have pupil responsibility roles, it is important to celebrate their commitment and dedication. Although we feel that every child in our school strives to make Bangabandhu a better place for all, each month adults will nominate children for their exceptional service to the school. Check out the display board outside the Headteacher’s office where all our Employees of the Month are to be seenYou can read why they were nominated.  

Employee of the Month 2022-23











Safreen, Henri Rousseau Class - Personal Assistant to the Executive Headteacher 


Iqra, Salma Arastu - Times Table Expert


Alisha, Salma Arastu Class Personal Assistant to the Head of School

Class Attendance VIP Lunch Winners

As excellent school attendance shows a positive attitude to learning and enjoyment of school, we feel that children should have the opportunity to celebrate their success by having a whole class VIP lunch. This happens for the class with the best attendance each half term. A special lunch for some special people.

Class Attendance VIP Lunch 2022-23













Georges Seurat Class (Year 3) - 98.8%


Half Term Holiday Home Learning Project Winners

Holiday Home Learning Projects are a chance for families to get creative together. Each half term, children are encouraged to complete a holiday home learning task on a given topic. There are winners chosen from each class as well as an overall winner. We always see such creative projects and parents and children really enjoy this opportunity to work on something creative together. We display the projects in our entrance area for everyone to admire and be inspired by.

Half Term Holiday Home Learning Projects


London Landscapes



Our holiday home learning for the October half term was all about getting to know London ... the city we all live in. Children had to create a well known London landmark. The children created some amazing models which included the London Eye, Canary Wharf, The Shard, The Gherkin, Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. The models are on display in the main entrance reception area. Come and have a look, they are fantastic!

Class Winners

 Jackson Pollock  Class


 Wassily Kandinsky Class

Sara M

 Henri Matisse Class


Diana-Al-Hadid Class


Frida Kahlo Class


William Morris Class

Ayaan H

Georgia O’Keeffe Class


Georges Seurat Class


Donatello Class


Henri Rousseau Class


Hoca Ali Riza Class


Claude Monet Class


Salma Arastu Class


Andy Warhol Class


 Rayyan, Hoca Ali Riza Class


'Must Reads' Gold Awards

At Bangabandhu, we are committed to ensuring the children get the chance to read, or be read to, a wide range of the best books that have been written for children. These books have been chosen to widen the children's reading and extend their understanding of language. Once a child has read all of their year group’s Must Reads books, they are awarded the special Gold Must Read Award.  Bronze and Silver achievement is also recognised too.

'Must Reads' Gold Awards 2022-23


Key Stage 1



Diana Al-Hadid


Diana Al-Hadid


 William Morris


  William Morris


 William Morris



Key Stage 2

Class Names

 Hoca Ali Riza 

Khadijah H


Pen Licence Award

A pen licence is a formal acknowledgement a child receives from his or her teacher, once their handwriting is recognised to be of a good standard. Achieving a pen licence is an exciting time and grants children permission to use a pen instead of a pencil when writing in class.