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Our Weekly Newsletter

Each week we produce a weekly newsletter for parents.  You can access all of this year's newsletters below.

Newsletter Archive 2020 - 21

Newsletter Archive 2019-20

Newsletter Archive 2018-19 

Newsletter Week ending 3rd September

Newsletter Week ending 10th September

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Newsletter Week ending 1st October

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Here are most of the general letters we send out to parents informing them about trips, events and important information. ALL LETTERS WILL NOW BE SENT VIA OUR SCHOOL APP - PLEASE ENSURE YOU SIGN UP.

Letter Archive 2020 - 21

Letter Archive 2019 - 20

Letter Archive 2018 - 19

Year 5 & Year 6 Permission to Walk Home Alone

General Attendance Letter

School Free School Meal Check

School Ping (School App) - Email sign up sheet

School Ping Info

Attendance - reasons not to be absent!

Back to School Q&A

Safeguarding Collection Letter 1 

Mathletics Parent Guide 2021

LKS2 trip to Shaw Theatre

Year 6 Secondary Transition

Young Minds 'Wear Yellow' mental Health day 8th October

Claude Monet Class trip to Soannes Centre

Hoca Ali Riza trip to Soannes Centre

Year 6 Residential 2022

November Parents Evening

Year 6 Junior Citizens Workshop Trip

Y1&Y2 Trip to Institu Francais

Information for Year 4 parents Multiplication tables check

Library After School Club Book Club Trip

Early Years Update

Change of teacher in Frida Khalo - Y4

Newsletter Week ending 26th November



Learning Posts

These are our regular updates about all the learning that has been happening across the school.  Have a look, there is a lot going on!


Issue 1 November 

Issue 2 December

Issue 3 March

Issue 4 July


October Issue 1

January Issue 2


January Issue 1

March Issue 2

July Issue 3

Class Newsletters

Bridget Riley Class  - Nursery

Wassily Kandinsky - Reception

Pablo Picasso Classes - Reception

Diana Al-Hadid Class - Y1

William Morris Class - Y1/Y2

Georgia O'Keeffe Class - Y2

Leonardo da Vinci Class- Y3

Banksy Class - Y3

Frida Kahlo Class - Y4

Yayoi Kusama Class - Y4

Hoca Ali Risa Class - Y5

Claude Monet Class - Y5

Andy Warhol Class - Y6

Antoni Gaudi Class - Y6

Henri Matisse Class - Resourced Provision Class


Class Newsletter Archive 2020 - 21

Class Newsletter Archive 2019-2020 

Rights Respecting Newsletters

Have a look of our latest Rights Respecting Newsletter, written by our Rights Respecting Journalists.

Rights Respecting Newsletter Archive 2019-2020