Newsletters and Letters


 Each week we produce a weekly newsletter for parents.  You can access all of this year's newsletters below.

Newsletter Archive 2018-19

Newsletter Week 1

Newsletter Week 2

Newsletter Week 3

Newsletter Week 4

Newsletter Week 5

Newsletter Week 6

Newsletter Week 7


Here are most of the general letters we send out to parents informing them about trips, events and important information. ALL LETTERS WILL NOW BE SENT VIA OUR SCHOOL APP - PLEASE ENSURE YOU SIGN UP.

Year 5 & Year 6 Permission to Walk Home Alone

General Attendance Letter

New punctuality Protocol

School Free School Meal Check

Free to Be Parents Questionnaire - Letter

Free To be Questionnaire - PARENTS/CARERS

Next academic Year School Journey Meeting

Letters - Archive 2018-19

Next academic Year School Journey details

 Year 1 Intro Meeting

Year 2 Intro Meeting

Year 3 Intro Meeting

Year 4 Intro Meeting

Year 5 Intro Meeting

Year 6 Intro Meeting

Year 4 Swimming 19/20

Changes to Gates that are open for Morning drop off

Year 5 Swimming info - 19/20

School App - Email sign up sheet

Year 2 - Scooter Training Permission

October Holiday Homework


These are our regular updates about all the learning that has been happening across the school.  Have a look, there is a lot going on!

Learning Post January Issue 1

Learning Post March Issue 2

Learning Post July Issue 3


Nursery - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Reception - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Yellow Class - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 1 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 2 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 3 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 4 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 5 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 6 - Autumn Newsletter 2019 


Have a look of our latest Rights Respecting Newsletter, written by our Rights Respecting Journalists.

Rights Respecting Newsletter Spring 2019 Issue 1

Rights Respecting Newsletter Summer 2019 Issue 2

Rights Respecting Newsletter Summer 2019 Issue 3