Newsletters and Letters


 Each week we produce a weekly newsletter for parents.  You can access all of this year's newsletters below.

Newsletter Archive 2018-19

Newsletter Week 1

Newsletter Week 2

Newsletter Week 3

Newsletter Week 4

Newsletter Week 5

Newsletter Week 6

Newsletter Week 7

Newsletter Week 8

Newsletter Week 9

Newsletter Week 10

Newsletter Week 11

Newsletter Week 12

Newsletter Week 13



Here are most of the general letters we send out to parents informing them about trips, events and important information. ALL LETTERS WILL NOW BE SENT VIA OUR SCHOOL APP - PLEASE ENSURE YOU SIGN UP.

Year 5 & Year 6 Permission to Walk Home Alone

General Attendance Letter

New punctuality Protocol

School Free School Meal Check

Free to Be Parents Questionnaire - Letter

Free To be Questionnaire - PARENTS/CARERS

Next academic Year School Journey Meeting

Letters - Archive 2018-19

Next academic Year School Journey details

 Year 1 Intro Meeting

Year 2 Intro Meeting

Year 3 Intro Meeting

Year 4 Intro Meeting

Year 5 Intro Meeting

Year 6 Intro Meeting

Year 4 Swimming 19/20

Changes to Gates that are open for Morning drop off

Year 5 Swimming info - 19/20

School App - Email sign up sheet

Year 2 - Scooter Training Permission

October Holiday Homework

Time to Talk Parent Meetings

Year 4 Steve McQueen Picture project

Parent Governor Vacancy


These are our regular updates about all the learning that has been happening across the school.  Have a look, there is a lot going on!

Learning Post January Issue 1

Learning Post March Issue 2

Learning Post July Issue 3


Nursery - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Reception - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Yellow Class - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 1 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 2 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 3 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 4 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 5 - Autumn Newsletter 2019

Year 6 - Autumn Newsletter 2019 


Have a look of our latest Rights Respecting Newsletter, written by our Rights Respecting Journalists.

Rights Respecting Newsletter Summer 2019 Issue 2

Rights Respecting Newsletter Summer 2019 Issue 3