At Bangabandhu, we are proud to be a Rights Respecting School.

The Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA) is all about making sure that our children and young people know and understand their rights and develop as global citizens by learning to respect the rights of others. As a Rights Respecting School we put the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) at the heart of our policies and practice.

We are Rights Respecting!

Pupil Voice

Our children know that they have the right to be heard in those decisions which affect them (Article 12) and that we value their contributions. 

Children from Years 3-6 are invited to apply for the posts of a ‘Rights Respecting School Ambassador’.

The children are invited to submit written applications for the posts, making it clear what they feel they could bring to the post and what they see their role within school and the wider community being.

The Ambassadors meet regularly to discuss ideas and projects to support the school community in its Rights Respecting work. They hold class meetings to find out about issues the children in our school feel strongly about and ensure they involve all children in any consultations.



Working to make our school the best it can be!

At Bangabandhu our children take charge of our school.  It is their school; they are proud of it and they work hard to ensure it is a great place for everyone to be.  They have many roles and responsibilities and here are some of them.

Each year a variety of roles and responsibilities are advertised.  They children do written applications, making sure they read the job description and meet the selection criteria.  They are shortlisted, go through a robust interview process and if they are successful, they get the job.  Once appointed they meet their line manager, receive some training and then they start their jobs; just like the real world of work.  They definitely earn their jobs and this is excellent preparation for the future.

What a team!

Rights Respecting Ambassadors

They represent the children in the school making sure they know about their rights and how we can do more to promote the rights of every child. They meet regularly with Emma.

 Personal Assistants to the Executive Headteacher

Here are this year's Executive Headteacher's Personal Assistants. Ms Maxwell has plenty for them to do, she really needs their help! They are responsible for assisting Ms Maxwell during lunchtime. They do their duty after they have eaten lunch. 

Playground Ambassadors

Playground Ambassadors


These children are dedicated to supporting children and are there if anyone has a problem and needs some help. They work closely with our Learning Mentor, Naz. 

School Gardeners


We may not have much green space but our School Gardeners keep what we have healthy and blooming. They are responsible for the plants in the communal areas of the school. They do their duty at the start of lunchtime.

Personal Assistants to the Head of School

They are responsible for assisting Carly during lunchtime. They do their duty after they have eaten lunch. 

Lunchtime Leaders

This group of children bring classes to the dining hall and manage the salad, bread, water and dessert table. They are super organised and lunchtime would be chaotic without them!

Personal Assistant to Assistant Head for Equalities

Katie and Aysha always need help and these are the team to do it!  No job is too big for them.

Attendance Advocate

 This child works with the adults in the school's attendance team in making sure attendance is a high priority.  To learn, you need to be at school.  You can see her around school making sure the attendance certificates are distributed and that the attendance board is up to date. 

Assembly UshersAssembly Ushers

Our Assembly Ushers ensure that that there is a calm and orgnaised entry to and exit from assembly.  They introduce assemblies as well as aiding whoever is leading.  They ensure that chidlren are focused and listening. You can easily recognise them as they wear special Bangabandhu blazers and their lanyards. 

School Guides

Say hello to our Bangabandhu Guides, always ready to welcome visitors. They are responsible for showing visitors around the school and providing them with background information to help them make the most of their visit.

Eco Ambassadors


Thanks to this group all unused paper goes into the recycling bins for the weekly collection. They are responsible for the recycling in the communal areas of the school. They do their duty at the end of the day.

Learning Detectives

These children check that all our learning displays are in good order and interesting to look at and read.  They check that all subjects are displayed around school and report any issues. 

Office Assistants

Our Office Assistants are responsible for helping with administration and office tasks. They do their duty after they have had lunch.

Times Tables Experts

Here are our Times Tables Experts. They help and test children on their latest times table. They do their duty after they have had lunch.

Corridor Monitors

This duo makes sure children line up quietly when entering the school, after morning play and lunch time. They are super organised!

School Librarians


This team of children keep our library organised and work very closely with Shaju, our Librarian. If you want a good book recommended, see them. They are responsible for keeping the library tidy, helping children choose, return and issue books. They do their duty after they have eaten their lunch'.

Personal Assistant to the SENDCO

Our SENDCO often needs help in carrying out all her roles in school and this young woman helps her in so many ways. Always keen to help