Bangabandhu is a happy, vibrant and fully inclusive school which strives to meet the needs of each, unique child.

We offer a broad curriculum including a wide range of enrichment activities.

At Bangabandhu we believe that all children should be supported and challenged to achieve their full potential. We place a high emphasis on differentiating lessons and personalising learning to enable every child to make the best possible progress. We have high expectations for all our children and strive to maintain high standards throughout the school.

At Bangabandhu we believe the two people who have the greatest impact on children’s outcomes are parents and teachers. Therefore, we are fully committed to working in partnership with parents and developing supportive and long-standing relationships with families.

Bangabandhu has an open-door policy and we warmly invite you to come and see us in action. We would love to show you around our wonderful school.

Ms Marie Maxwell, Executive Headteacher and Ms Carly Williams, Head of School