At Bangabandhu we have successfully offered a variety of After School Clubs to meet the different interests of the children for many years.

This is one of the strengths of our school and as long as funding allows we are committed to providing these.  Giving our pupils extra opportunities to develop their talents or learn new skills is very important to us.

We believe that all children should be given the opportunity to become involved in extra-curricular activities during their time with us. Some of our clubs are specifically set up for particular age groups. The range of opportunities increases as the children become older.

All clubs run for a term. 

Places are then allocated on a first come, first served basis. . When your child gets a place in a club it is important that they attend each week or their place will be offered to another child on the waiting list.

Most clubs start at 3.25pm and finish at 4.25 pm. At times one or two may finish at 5.00 pm.  

We have a member of staff who has a specific responsibility for organising and managing After School Clubs.

Many members of staff participate in these activities and we appreciate the time and preparation that is taken to give the children experiences that are not always available within the framework of the National Curriculum. 

Please see below for clubs that are running this term.

Design & Technology 
Day Club Location  Time 
Monday Books Busters - KS2 Library 3 20pm - 4pm
Monday Sewing - Y1/2 Classroom 3 20pm - 4 20pm 
Monday Y6 Maths Booster Classroom 3 20pm - 4 20pm 
Monday Debating - Y5/6 Classroom 3 20pm - 4 20pm 
Tuesday  Creative Writing - Y3/4 Library 3 20pm - 4 20pm 
Tuesday  Media - KS2 Computing Room  3 20pm - 4 20pm 
Tuesday Table Tennis - Y5/6 Morpeth  3 30pm - 5 00pm
Wednesday Football -  Y3/4/5/6 Sports Pitch 3 20pm - 4 20pm 
Wednesday Design & Technology - KS2 Classroom 3 20pm - 4 20pm 
Wednesday Drumming - KS1 Small Hall 3 20pm - 4pm
Thursday Singing - Y3,4,5,6 Small Hall 3 20pm - 4 20pm 
Thursday  Y6 Reading Booster Classroom 3 20pm - 4 20pm 
Thursday  Books Busters - KS1 Library 3 20pm - 3 55pm
Friday  Football Team Sports Pitch 3 20pm - 4 30pm