Physical Education & Sport

At Bangabandhu we deliver a varied range of physical activities to develop and extend children’s agility, balance and coordination.

Children are taught: creative and folk dance, through a range of movement patterns; gymnastics, by developing body awareness and posture; athletics, through running, jumping and throwing; games, by applying simple rules to activities with opportunities to engage in competitive games; and outdoor and adventure activities, through orienteering, linking to the geography curriculum.   

We are lucky to have two halls in school where PE can be taught, as well as a large sports pitch. 

As we belong to Tower Hamlets Youth Sports Foundation, we have access to a wide range of PE curriculum lessons taught by specialist coaches who teach alongside our class teachers. Children from Year 5 for example have the opportunity to take part in Bikeability courses which range from Beginner through to Level 3. As a school we encourage families to cycle to and from school. 

Swimming at Bangabandhu

Our swimming lessons take place at York Hall swimming baths, taught by specialist swimming teachers.  Currently it is closed for refurbishment,  

Children in Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 will have swimming lessons once a week for rest of the academic year once the pool reopens.  This is to compensate for lost swimming opportunites during the pandemic.  Prior to the pandemic the majority of children were able to swim 25 metres or more by the time they left Bangabandhu. We strongly encourage parents to take children swimming from an early age.

Swimming Policy

After School Sports Clubs

At Bangabandhu, we think it is really important that children develop their skills as part of smaller, sporting enrichment activities.

To promote a healthy lifestyle, we offer a wide range of activities at our After School Sports Club for children in Years 1 to 6. The activities consist of football, tennis, cricket, hockey, rugby, multi-sports, dance, fencing, basketball, athletics and martial arts. Some of these activities are taught by specialist coaches and some by our own enthusiastic and passionate staff. Our aim is for children to gain a positive and engaging experience which hopefully will encourage them to take part in more sporting activities outside of school and in the future.

Sports Day

Our Sports Day usually takes place in July, where the whole school takes part in fun and competition.  The day is split into Early Years, Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6 events.

The events usually consist of, space hopper, three-legged race, sack race, javelin throw, discus throw, long jump, sprint race, relay race, obstacle race and of course the traditional egg-and-spoon race! All children receive a medal for taking part and showing great team spirit. There are medals for children from each class who display all-round good effort as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals in each event. Children, parents and staff really enjoy the day and look forward to it every year.

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