Our Additionally Resourced Special Educational Needs Provision 

Vincent Van Gogh Class

Vincent Van Gogh Class is a specialist provision for children who have complex special educational needs. There are two groups - Sunflower Group and Iris Group. The class is smaller than the mainstream classes and has a high number of specially trained adults, including a teacher and a number of teaching assistants.

The children are taught through a personalised curriculum which supports their individual learning needs, focusing on developing good communication skills and independence for the future.

The children in Vincent Van Gogh Class spend some time with their link class during the week eg during lessons such as PE, Art or Music, during play times and for some class outings, where appropriate.   

 The Complex Needs Curriculum 

The children who attend our school’s Additional Resource Provision need a specialist person-centred curriculum that is different to the National Curriculum. This is to sufficiently meet the needs of children with profound, complex, severe and global learning difficulties and enable them to make personal progress, support relationships and enhance engagement. 

We are currently reviewing our curriculum offer for children who attend the Additional Resourced Provision and have adopted a new curriculum model using the ‘Equals’ multi-tiered curriculum, which has three separate pathways.

These pathways are:

A Pre-Formal Curriculum Pathway: For learners who have profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD). This is a child-centred and holistic curriculum with the learner at the centre. The curriculum pathway supports teachers and teaching assistants to help build routines, facilitate changes, offer alternatives and observe and guide the learner in order to encourage their development.

An Informal Curriculum Pathway: For learners who have complex learning difficulties (CLD) and severe learning difficulties (SLD). Again, this is a child-centred and holistic curriculum with the learner at the centre. This pathway is based on children’s interests to encourage maximum engagement and interaction.

A Semi-Formal Curriculum Pathway: For learners with severe learning difficulties and global delay. This is a developmental, personalised, subject specific curriculum which aims to encourage children to reach the highest levels of learning and independence possible. This pathway focuses on encouraging the children to learn and apply skills and knowledge, through hands-on thematic learning. 

With the ‘Equals’ curriculum framework, we aim to encourage the best possible development of children’s voice, choice making, independence, positive social interaction and communication skills for all the children in our specialist setting.

Here is some useful information about our Complex Needs provision. Please click on the following links: