The Bangabandhu & Globe Soft Federation

Our Soft Federation with Globe Primary School

Bangabandhu is in partnership with another Tower Hamlets Primary School – Globe Primary School.

From September 2018 a Soft Federation Partnership has been established between Globe and Bangabandhu Primary Schools.

Both Globe and Bangabandhu retain their own individual identify, ethos and uniqueness.  We are very much committed to this and have no plans whatsoever for this to become a Hard Federation or a Multi Academy Trust.

Ms Marie Maxwell, who is our Executive Headteacher, started to support Bangabandhu in January 2018 as requested by the Local Authority and Bangabandhu Governing Body. Following further discussions with Tower Hamlets and the Governing Bodies of both schools, we decided to extend this arrangement on a more formal basis.  Ms Maxwell serves as Executive Headteacher across both schools.  This agreement is reviewed annually by the Governing Bodies of both schools, who evaluate the effectiveness of this arrangement.

Ms Maxwell splits her time between both schools and is based at Bangabandhu generally on Mondays, Tuesdays and part of Wednesdays while being at Globe for the rest of the week.  

Her role is to focus on the strategic direction of both schools, supporting the leadership team in improving both schools further as well as finding benefits to both schools of partnership working. Ms Carly Williams is our Head of School and is responsible for the daily running of the school as well as working with Ms Maxwell on the strategic direction of our school.

Governors have decided to establish this Soft Federation for the following reasons: