Parent Workshops to Support Learning

We regularly hold workshops for parents to explain how we do things in school and show how parents can further support learning at home.  Here are presentations from the workshops we have done so far this academic year, 2021 - 2022.

Welcome to Reception

Secondary School Choices and Application Process

Phonics and Reading in Key Stage One

Helping to Improve Your Child's Communication

Year 6 Residential to the Isle of Wight

Supporting Your Child in Reading in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Questions to Ask your Child When Reading 

Supporting your Child in Reading in the Early Years

Maths in the Early Years

Physical Development in the Early Years

Y6 SATs Tests - What will they do?

Y2 Tests & Assessments - What do the children do?

Learning about Body Parts in Year 2 - How we teach this - information for parents

Learning about Menstruation in Year 4 (girls) - How we teach this - information for parents

Learning about Puberty in Year 5 - How we teach this -  information for parents

Learning about Conception in Year 6 - How we teach this - information for parents

Establishing Sleep and Bedtime Routines in Early Years

Starting Nursery

Moving to Reception

What is happening this term?

Summer Term 2022 Workshops and Meetings

Spring Term 2022 Workshops and Meetings

Autumn Term 2021 Workshops and Meetings