School Policies & Data Protection

Our policies describe how we do things at Bangabandhu.

They cover all aspects of school life - safeguarding children, the curriculum, equalities, premises, finance and personnel management. 

The Governing Body ratifies each policy and reviews them regularly in conjunction with the Executive Headteacher and Head of School. Some policies and procedures are compiled by the Local Authority which the school then adopts after discussion. 

To read a policy please click on the relevant link. If the policy you need is not available please  email and we will provide it for you via email or as a paper copy.

Safeguarding, Health and Equality Policies

Accessibility Plan

Allergy Policy - Contract Services (School Meal Service)

Anti Bullying Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Behaviour Policy

Child Protection Policy

Code of Conduct 

Covid-19 School Risk Assessment

EYFS Policy

EYFS Settling In Policy

EYFS Home School Agreement Policy

EYFS Assessment Feedback and Marking Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Equalities Policy/Equality Objectives

First Aid Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Medical Needs Policy

Online Safety Policy

Positive Handling Policy

Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum: Covid-19 Closure Safeguarding Arrangements (06/04/20)

Safeguarding Leaflet - Welcome to Bangabandhu (parent leaflet)

Safeguarding Leaflet - Welcome to Bangabandhu (visitor leaflet)

Safer Recruitment Policy and Procedures

Social Media Policy

Staying Safe Charter

Whistle Blowing Policy

Curriculum Policies

Art & Design Policy

British Values Statement

Computing Policy

Design and Technology Policy

Feedback, Guidance, Marking and Presentation

Geography Policy

History Policy

HRE Policy

Maths - Written Calculations Policy

Music Policy

Physical Education Policy

Religious Education Policy

P4C Policy

Science Policy

Sex and Relationships Policy

Spanish Policy

Swimming Policy

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Attendance Management Policy (Staff)

Capability Policy/Procedure

Dignity at Work (Grievance) Policy

Disciplinary Policy/Procedure

Flexible Working Policy

Pay Policy

Staff Induction Policy

Premises and Finance Policies

Charging and Remissions Policy

Finance Manual

Pupil Premium Policy

General Policies

           Complaints Policy

           Unreasonable Complainants Policy

Data Protection Policies

Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement

CCTV Policy

Data Breach Policy 

Data Protection Policy

Data Retention Policy

Electronic Information and Communication Policy

Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Notice for Parents

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for Governors

Home Working Policy

Information Security Policy

Privacy Notice for Governors

Privacy Notice for Job Applicants

Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents

Privacy Notice for Staff

Privacy Notice for Visitors and Contractors

Subject Assess Request Policy 

If you do have any questions in this regard, please do contact them on the information below - 

Data Protection Officer: Barbara Pullen

Company: Bangabandhu Primary School

Address: Wessex Street, Globe Road, London, E2 0LB

Telephone: 020 8980 0580