our partnership with the V&A Museum of Childhood

As part of the Museum of Childhood's 150th anniversary, children from Bangabandhu and neighbouring school Globe Primary took part in a project to help redesign the space. It will soon be reopened and renamed as the Young V&A.

Watch the video of the project below to see what went on.


The following is an account of the project, written by one of our children participants.

The museum opened as The Bethnal Green Museum in 1872. After 145 years it is getting a makeover. The scheme includes three new galleries to transform the Victorian building into ‘a world-leading museum of design and creativity.’ They include a more accessible entrance, more public-facing spaces for exhibits, and the Kaleidoscope, a giant interactive spiral in the main hall inspired by toys from the V&A.

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Young V&A

Living Together Co-Creation Project 
Over the last few months Bangabandhu pupils have taken part in the Living Together co-design process. The work focused on various areas of the museum's new galleries, each of which relates to the Living Together room in the Imagine Gallery, which centres children's voice in exploring how a built environment can support community, and how communities can inform a built environment. 

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Here are some pictures of our children in action ... 

Bangabandhu on the Young V&A Project

Young V&A Pics